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Tackling the UK Data Skills Gap with Primary Engineer

25 Jan 2021
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To align with the explosion of technology and the big data revolution, we deliver advanced data solutions and strategic consultancy services to help clients drive efficiencies, build business, and gain competitive advantage.

For almost 15 years, we have helped clients globally using the latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and proprietary visualisation tools to model and forecast behaviour and ‘Put Data to Work’.  Delivering enhanced financial returns, consistently developing customer experience and improving employee engagement are just some of the examples of how sharing intelligent, relevant insights has helped our clients.

Despite the seemingly obvious benefits of implementing big data analytics and data strategies and the sheer volume of data that is available to businesses and consumers alike, we still see a disconnect in the market between data skills and the volume of data science and engineering roles in industry.

As a company, we are passionate about using “data for good” and ensuring that we encourage the application of data inline with our company values, which is why we are pleased to announce our support of Primary Engineer and our partnership with them this year as a National Funding Partner for the Statwars Competition.

Paul Alexander, CEO and Founder of Beyond Analysis said: “We are conscious of the need for future generations to understand and develop the data skills that every business needs.  It is not difficult to see why we are so passionate about supporting STATWARS and Primary Engineer in improving education and raising awareness of the exciting opportunities available to young people.”

About Primary Engineer

STATWARS® is a fully funded annual competition developed by Primary Engineer®. Primary Engineer is an educational not-for-profit organisation that provides a suite of programmes to encourage children from 3 to 19 years to consider STEM and data careers. Primary Engineer inspires children, pupils, parents and teachers through continued professional development, whole class project work, competitions, and engagement with industry professionals to ensure the learning has a context to the wider world. Primary Engineer promotes engineering and data careers and addresses the diversity and gender imbalance in engineering with early years, primary and secondary pupils.

We look forward to working with the team at Primary Engineer in moving the project forward and inspiring the next generation of young data scientists, engineers and designers.

To find out more about Primary Engineer and Statwars read the full Press Release on their website.

You can read more of our company news online or keep up to date by following Beyond Analysis on LinkedIn.

“Our moral responsibility is not to top the future, but to shape it” Alvin Toffler.

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