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Introducing Beyond: Putting Data to Work Ltd

16 Nov 2021
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We are excited to announce that we have rebranded our Group Company and will now be known as Beyond: Putting Data to Work Ltd.

Our new name was chosen as it ‘does was it says on the tin’. Both Beyond Analysis and Beyond AML, part of the Group, give clients the power to effectively leverage their greatest asset; data, to unlock greater business value and potential.

Data is constantly evolving and transforming, and we know that businesses must be proactive in using it to drive competitive advantage. The new name reflects this need as well as the ability to cut through the data mountain to select the right data for the job, simplify and humanise the data to make it accessible to everyone in the business and assess the right strategies that fit with business goals and objectives.

All too often data transformation projects are implemented with little understanding of how they will impact the existing operations. By contrast the Putting Data to Work ethos creates innovative change that ensures that the business as usual is not disrupted.

Paul Alexander our CEO explains:

“Our businesses have always been about the art of the possible and delivering more for our clients. This is a symbol of the evolution and journey we embark on with our clients, where good just isn’t good enough. The continuity across our brands and logos is reflective of the 15+ years we have invested in developing our proposition and they have been carefully designed around the concept of infinity and our more human approach to data”.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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