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Beyond: Putting Data to Work - Our People

15 Jul 2021
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Following a year of uncertainty and disruption, with many businesses making the difficult decision to furlough colleagues and adapt to a new working structure, we are proud to be delivering impressive growth plans within our group.  At the heart of this growth is our company culture, which strives to put our people first and meets the needs of our employees by being a great place to work.

Putting Data to Work [TM] has been our trademark since 2015, and is our promise to our clients that we deliver data-driven transformation strategies that proactively incite impactful change within their business and meet their business objectives using their most valuable asset – their data.  As data scientists we are primarily problem solvers and innovators; central to this is our belief in data and the possibilities it presents.  However, we are thinkers first and data scientists second. Data is great, but it is the brilliant minds behind it that put data to work.

Our people are the champions of our company culture and our employee engagement speaks for itself.  In a recent survey 92% of our colleagues ‘agree or strongly agree’ that they would recommend the Beyond Group as a great place to work, in part due to the communication and “interaction with both colleagues and senior management”.

We listen to our colleagues’ needs and have more recently invested in our company wellbeing strategy to ensure that the team’s health and wellbeing is supported alongside their work.  We know that by having colleagues that believe whole heartedly in the business and the culture, means that they feel empowered to achieve their goals more effectively.

Likewise 94% of our colleagues ‘agree or strongly agree’ that employees treat each other with respect and they have a good working relationship with co-workers.  This is testament to the hard work and commitment by the team to ensure all members of the business are treated fairly and inclusively.  This in-turn ensures that 94% of our colleagues ‘agree or strongly agree’ that they are determined to give their best effort at work each day and deliver on our promise to put data to work for our clients.

“Beyond Analysis has developed hugely since I started in 2019.  I love the focus on employee wellbeing; the support amongst colleagues; the regular involvement of the C-Suite team with the wider company... I am excited to see how much further the company grows in the coming years and feel proud to work for the Beyond Group.”

Don’t just take our word for it, find out more about what it is like working for Beyond from our teams’ responses below:

Why did you want to work here?

  • People that I knew who worked for Beyond couldn’t recommend it highly enough… it’s a fast-paced environment.. with lots of opportunities for training and a great place for personal growth.”

  • “As part of the interview process I met the COO - Lauren O’Brien and the founders Paul Alexander – CEO and William Beresford – Partner Propositions.. they were all very down to earth and engaging…”

  • “Career growth opportunities… I was feeling read for new challenges and Beyond offered just that… a start-up kind of can-do attitude, which I admire.”

Why would you recommend the Beyond Group?

  • You will learn something new every day.”

  • “The team are collaborative, supportive and always striving for better… the whole team are so driven to achieve the best results for business and our clients.”

  • “The people and trust.  You are encouraged to be innovative and take risks… everyone is valued for their own specialist strengths.”

  • “Interesting and challenging work, good atmosphere, competent leadership, friendly and interesting people around you, opportunities to improve and grow.”

What does the Beyond Way mean to you?

  • “Being a good team player.”

  • “Innovation and inclusion.”

  • “Going above and beyond.”

  • “Creating trust and being transparent.”

We are proud of our colleagues and the company culture that we have built that allows us to continue to thrive and enables us to grow as a business. To find out more about working for the Beyond Group and to keep up to date with our regular company news start by following us on LinkedIn or get in touch.

We are always looking for new talent to join our team.  Check out our careers page to see what opportunities we currently have open.

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