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Announcing the BA Partner Model

09 Feb 2021
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Over the last 12 months all businesses, including the Beyond Group, have been faced with a number of new challenges including trying to adapt and manifest a working culture, which embraces a new, digitally optimised, working from home strategy.

Toward the end of 2020, with socially distancing measures still in place and despite the growth in our UK team, we announced the closure of our Wimbledon Headquarters.  Although in part driven by the continued impact of Covid-19, the decision to close the office is reflective of our ambitions to adopt a more virtual and flexible way of working.  Our HR and events team continue to consider how we will implement a balance of virtual and physical working moving forward.

Being able to close this office, to continue operations and to manage the continued impact of the disruption successfully, can largely be attributed to being surrounded by an excellent, reliable and trusted team.  We are therefore proud to announce, effective immediately, the new Beyond Group Partner model, that will drive our central operations forward.

Led by our Group Senior Leadership team, the new pyramid model aims to bring more structure to our organisations and enable us to continue supporting our clients in the most effective and efficient manner possible, giving them even more confidence in delivery.

Although, the world in which we are working is changing, we still thrive on being able to give our clients the best service possible and enable them to drive success and growth within their own businesses.  We believe that the new structure allows us to achieve this more effectively, while still ensuring our team have the autonomy to continue delivering positive, strong client relationships and focusing on the best data-driven solutions to enable transformation.

We would also like to congratulate and thank the Partner team, who have supported the transition to the new model. To find out more about our move away from our UK headquarters and our other company updates read our news online.  Regular updates can also be found by following us on LinkedIn.

Alternatively, contact us if you would like to speak to our team of experts or if you would like to find out more about our carerers and opportunities to join the Partner Team.

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