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91 per cent of Inhouse Marketers Want to Get to Know Their Customers Better

17 Jan 2022
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A new report by marketing platform Emarsys which surveyed over 500 inhouse marketers, found that 91 per cent spend “significant” amounts of time preparing and segmenting data.  This is more time than is spent on other marketing tasks including content creation (82 per cent), tracking conversions (64 per cent), and measurement and reporting (63 per cent).

But despite inhouse marketers spending much of their time analysing data, close to half (43 per cent) say that they still do not know their customers as people, while nearly all said they would like to get to know their customers better.

The report concludes that in house marketers are struggling to make the most effective use of their data due to legacy systems, technical challenges, an expanding list of responsibilities and a complex data landscape that is constantly in flux.  But whatever the barriers, the issue is clear, a large proportion of marketers are not deriving value from their analytics, and this problem will be compounded unless this trend is reversed.

The government recently published a paper: Data; a new direction; which states that data is now one of the most important resources in the world.  Consequently, getting to grips with data and data analytics must be a key priority for organisations moving forward into 2022.

This onus on data is one of the key reasons that we recently rebranded our parent company to Beyond: Putting Data to Work. This reflects our fundamental belief that client businesses need to be proactive in using data to drive competitive advantage, reduce inefficiencies, simplify data to create accessibility and assess strategies to fit the business, and knowing the customer is at the heart of this.

Data is extremely powerful, but only if it is being used in the right way. Otherwise as this report suggests it can be an expensive and time-consuming resource which at best delivers little in terms of bang for its buck, but at worst, results in flawed insight leading to poor strategic decision making and failed business potential.

For more information on how we are supporting marketing teams to build data stratgeies and put their data to work more effectively get in touch.

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