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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Elevate Your Strategy with Growth Engine: Unlocking Hyper-Local Opportunities & Amplifying Market Share with Data-Driven Insights and Precision Targeting

Long term marketing effectiveness & ROI –

delivered 31% increase in sales between 2018-21 whilst reducing overall spend by 25%.

On-going digital transformation

significant shift to digital marketing from 18% in 2019 to 39% in 2022, based on enhanced econometric modelling

Digital marketing effectiveness

increase of 48% ROI in search marketing between H1 FYT20 and H1 FY 22

“growth engine not only gave us a window into markets that we were previously failing to attract, but an appropriate strategy for each location…”.
Commercial Director, DFS.


Growth Engine responds to the challenges typically faced by businesses with the characteristics below,   (E.g. a  Made to Order businesses, and infrastructure players)  through integrating your own business and customer data with core external data including market and competitor insights to identify growth opportunity areas that can be responded to in a local, highly targeted way.


  • Traditionally high investment in Above the Line Media to reach audience to drive awareness and consideration

  • Fluctuating sales and inconsistent product demand across local and national geographies

  • Longer purchase cycles with a shopping experience that spans back and forth across multiple channels

  • High upfront investment required in digital channels, staffed showrooms to showcase the optimal range, personalise product and convert leads

  • Products that are generally more expensive than their made to stock counterparts requiring a personalised shopping and seamless financing experience


growth engine

Growth Engine combines multiple data sources to surface headroom opportunity by catchment area across a country. It provides an understanding of Market Share and the opportunity to gain that Market Share from the competition. 

Machine learning models create 360 customer view of the market at a hyper local level.  By combining datasets, we can define catchment area market share and the customer headroom opportunity including the potential for cannibalisation.  The engine is constantly augmented with enhanced data to improve modelling and drive additional performance.

Growth Engines enables a retailer to make strategic marketing and operational budgeting decisions and create locally led marketing initiatives to drive more footfall in to store or traffic to a website.  Growth Engine both finds the opportunity to grow Market Share, and supports new location planning, refit prioritisation and the strategic allocation and targeting of marketing and operational investment.

Growth engine integrates multiple data sources together to provide richer, more actionable insights, across multiple strategic use cases:

  • Strategic Planning - Identify headroom opportunity by store catchment area / region / TV & Radio region for footfall, conversion, Average Order Value and market share.  Inform store and marketing investment plans, identify high/low potential stores for specific treatments.

  • Tactical Marketing - Identify levels of competition within postcode/catchment area by customer type to create local marketing initiatives.

  • Store Operations - Understand your own brand market share across catchments and time to identify cannibalization, inform store location decisions and match workforce scheduling to local customer mix.

  • NPD - Targeted store selection for NPD to match products with best fit customer segments and propensity to convert.

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