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Using data to improve pre and post investment decisions

At Beyond Analysis we believe passionately in the power of data to do good.  Be that; helping fix societies biggest challenge; enabling businesses to become more resilient and successful; or enabling individuals to reach their potential.   No more so is this true in the world of Private Equity and Investments where the opportunity for change and growth is so immense.

Quickly identifying potential underlying risks and opportunities for operational improvements during the due diligence and transaction stages make the difference between a good and bad investment decision.

We also understand there are so many moving parts in business today that your management teams can hardly be expected to make good decisions, manage risk and leverage growth through operational improvements without the relevant business insights to hand and the tools to use it.  

Having worked with a number of PE and Management Consulting firms over the years we understand the time pressures and the need to turnaround results quickly.  We also see that many of the traditional consultancies in this space are not set up to rapidly spin up new data environments, quickly apply best in class analytics and get this out in actionable form to track your investment and empower your management teams to make change.

Beyond Analysis can provide the right breadth of expertise you are looking for in provisioning data environments and undertaking detailed analytics at speed, making this available to your Investment Managers and advisory partners at pace.  Our Data Operations and Data Science teams together have the hands on and practical data experience you need to support the best transaction and subsequent outcomes.

+ 15%

Sales Effectiveness in Retail

+ 12%

Productivity in Retail

+ 33%

Marketing ROI in Financial Services

+ 86%

Employee Engagement in Travel

Beyond Analysis brings investors:​

  • Deep hands on analytical rigor and independence

  • Better pre-deal decisions 

  • Post deal change with a clear understanding of the possibilities from data

  • Top and bottom-line revenue growth – wider jaws

Beyond Analysis can rapidly set up your business with a working data environment and run a series of short sharp data driven engagements to support your value creation from the beginnings of due diligence throughout the life-cycle of the transaction.

1. Revenue Health Check

  • Stress test the ongoing resilience and health of the customer base. 

  • Identify the drivers of performance, the biggest opportunities for growth. 

  • Scale and pinpoint where and why  attrition is happening.

2. Tech Stack Health Check

  • Independently assess how data and systems are being used to manage the business. 

  • Evaluate the technical resilience and quality of underlying data.

  • Identify any concerns around the governance and use of the data.

3. Brand Health Check

  • Evaluate brand health and reach across channels using sentiment, NPS and deep web analysis to assess true customer feelings and experience of the brand.

  • Identify the key brand experience drivers of success and the elements that detract.

4. Growth Strategy

  • Workshop the end-to-end value chain to assess the current capabilities and opportunities to use data to drive revenue growth or cost savings.

  • Size these opportunities and establish a go-to plan to realize these as quickly as possible.

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