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Data Science & Analytics

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Transform Sales and Marketing Strategies

Explore the transformative potential of AI in sales and marketing with our comprehensive article. Uncover insights on predictive analytics, AI-powered chatbots, and personalisation strategies that drive customer engagement. Delve into operational enhancements, from data management to real-time analytics, and discover how generative AI can revolutionise content creation. Ideal for strategists and marketers aiming for data-driven success.

Data & Strategy Consulting

Empowering the C-Suite: Educating Executives on the Power of Data

Discover the critical need to bridge the data gap in the executive suite. Understand the challenges, tailor insights for high-level decision-making, and explore effective strategies for executive data education. Featuring Barclays Bank's transformational journey towards data-driven executive strategies. Vital reading for leaders in finance and other sectors.

Data & Strategy Consulting

The Challenges of Implementing a Data Strategy in Large Businesses

Data stands as the backbone for informed decision-making. Companies are increasingly recognising the value of implementing a Data Strategy to stay competitive. This white paper, brought to you by Beyond: Putting Data to Work, previously known as Beyond Analysis, delves into the challenges that businesses often encounter when crafting and implementing a Data Strategy.

Data & Strategy Consulting

Critical Success Factors for Developing and Sharing Customer Insights Across Your Business

Dive into the critical success factors for developing and sharing customer insights in a business environment. Discover challenges and solutions across alignment with goals, data integrity, stakeholder engagement, and more, ensuring insights drive strategic decision-making.

Data & Strategy Consulting

Building Data Literacy: Equipping Teams for the Data Revolution

Uncover the importance of data literacy in today's digital age. Learn the essential components of data literacy and strategies to enhance proficiency across teams. Featuring a detailed case study on DHL's success in achieving data-driven efficiency. Essential insights for businesses in finance, logistics, and beyond.

Data & Strategy Consulting

Crafting a Finance Data Strategy for Professional Services Companies

Crafting a robust Finance Data Strategy is crucial for overcoming challenges faced by finance teams in professional services companies. Discover key elements, processes, and transformative solutions through data analytic consulting. Gain insights into how a finance-specific data strategy can enhance decision-making, ensure compliance, and drive business value.

Data & Strategy Consulting

Strategies for Building Trust in Data Among Business Units

Discover key strategies to foster trust in data across business units. Delve into the root causes of distrust, the importance of data quality, and the journey to a shared data vision. Highlighted with a travel agency's success story, this article offers a roadmap for businesses aiming to unite teams around trustworthy data.

Data & Strategy Consulting

Championing the Shift: From Gut Feel to Data-Driven Decision Making

Explore the transformative journey from intuition-based decisions to data-driven strategies. Dive into real-world case studies and learn actionable steps to cultivate a data-centric culture. Essential reading for executives and senior leaders in travel, retail, finance, and logistics.

Data Operations & Cloud Services

Comparing Data Fabric with Data Mesh: What's right for your business?

Explore an in-depth guide to choosing between Data Fabric and Data Mesh architectures for your business. Our comprehensive decision framework helps you assess features, financial metrics, and real-world case studies to make an informed choice. Ideal for CTOs, data architects, and business decision-makers looking to optimise their data strategy.

Data & Strategy Consulting

Data in Retail: Bridging the Gap Between Insights and Action

Delve into the intricate world of retail data. Uncover the pitfalls in data utilization, learn to synchronize insights with ground action, and foster data reliance among store teams. With a spotlight on Nordstrom's success, this article is a treasure for retail decision-makers aiming for unparalleled customer experiences.

Data Visualisation & Reporting

The Imperative of Business Intelligence and Reporting in Modern Enterprises

Explore the evolving landscape of Business Intelligence and Reporting in our comprehensive white paper. Delve into overcoming challenges with data quality, change management, and resource constraints, and discover future trends like AI integration and real-time analytics. Benefit from expert insights from Beyond: Putting Data to Work, your trusted partner in data analytics consultancy.

Data Operations & Cloud Services

Integrating AI and Machine Learning with Fabric

Explore the transformative potential of integrating AI and Machine Learning with Data Fabric in our comprehensive white paper. Dive into real-world case studies across industries that achieved increased efficiency, predictive accuracy, and cost savings. Perfect for C-suite executives, data scientists, and IT strategists looking to leverage data for competitive advantage.


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