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Meet Eva

Eva, Data Engineer, gives insight into her role and a typical day

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My Story

Like many in the Data Engineering field, I didn’t initially set my sights on this career path. With a Bachelor's degree in linguistics, I often joke that I transitioned to Data Engineering because, while languages are cool, programming languages are cooler.

During my linguistics studies, I realised my true interest lay in understanding automated language processing, such as translation apps, rather than traditional language analysis. This curiosity led me to work as a Technical Consultant and Process Analyst after graduation, where I gained valuable insights into tech projects.


I soon discovered that I wanted to be involved in not just proposing solutions but also implementing them. This realisation prompted my shift from Humanities to Sciences, culminating in a Master’s in Language Technology.

At Beyond, I apply the experience I gained as a Consultant and the technical knowledge from my studies. Every day, I engage in what excites me the most: process automation and data preparation.

Normal Day

My mornings begin with ensuring everything runs smoothly. The time before lunch is usually when I tackle most of my development work. Post-lunch, my activities vary between more development tasks and numerous discussions.

Data Engineering workdays typically fall into three categories:

  1. The rare and best kind: Creating something new, like a data pipeline, integrating a new service, or refining data architecture.

  2. Interesting, but can be challenging: Addressing data discrepancies or a failing dashboard, which involves delving into data extraction, transformation, and loading processes. These can range from quick hero fixes to long, frustrating investigations.

  3. Surprisingly frequent: Numerous calls with the client or with the team, for brainstorming for future solutions, resolving issues or supporting each other in coding.

Outside the Office

I love trying new activities. Recently, I attempted wakeboarding (not my forte) and plan to try kitesurfing soon (probably another humbling experience). This year marked my debut in skiing, and I’m already eager to hit the slopes again!

For more stationary hobbies, I go to the gym for yoga, rowing, climbing stairs

(which helps with hiking!), or strength training.


The gym’s sauna and pool make two hours feel like a weekend of recharging.

Seasonal activities add variety too. In summer, I enjoy outdoor archery, while winter is perfect for staying home with a book or drawing. I also enjoy doing ceramics, going to concerts, and watching quality foreign films.

Why Beyond?

What motivated me to join Beyond is the diverse range of data science and engineering projects across various industries. This offers constant intellectual engagement and ample opportunities for professional growth.


Beyond’s dedication to understanding and addressing client needs aligns with my passion for impactful work. Success stories from clients demonstrate Beyond's expertise in transforming complex data into actionable insights, delivering significant business benefits.

I value working at Beyond because it means being part of a diverse and talented team that fosters creativity and innovation.


The company's commitment to employee growth through extensive training, mentorship, and career development programs ensures continuous personal and professional advancement.


The focus on innovation, integrity, and sustainability creates a motivating work environment. Celebrating achievements and encouraging collaboration make even the most challenging projects enjoyable.

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