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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Abstract Architecture

Deliver more sales by optimising the customer journey throughout your omni-channel experience. Proactively respond and recover abandoned baskets.

Our Approach

The process of improving conversions requires thorough planning.  In order to maximise the potential impact a detailed understanding of omnichannel behaviour of your customers should sit at the heart of your brief, test hypotheses and planned programme of optimisations.  


At Beyond Analysis we recognise the key to profitable conversation rate optimisation (CRO) is solid stakeholder engagement; smart planning and plenty of patience.

The rewards can be substantial and we place a strong commercial emphasis on considering where the biggest opportunities lie first, ensuring you get immediate change-driving, revenue generating impact.

Using robust data integration and analytic techniques our team will help you observe your customer behaviours and experience across your omni-channel business. 


We combine our collective customer experience and knowledge to develop the hypotheses, devise the experiments, and manage a full and continuous evaluation to deliver significant revenue growth for clients.

We have partnered with the Quantum Metric platform to give our clients real-time visibility into how their digital business is performing, where exactly customers are struggling or engaging, and what efforts need to be prioritised based on economic impact. (Download Brochure)

For more insights you may like to read Sales Lead Optimisation for Omni-Channel from our Featured Insights series.



Analysis of the customer journey from lead sources, web visitor behaviours and transactions, to understand customer needs and pin-point where drop off is happening.



Identification and sizing of opportunities.  Translation of findings into actions across product ranging, pricing and website design.



Continuous measurement of conversions through the funnel and A/B testing of  changes across the journey.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Case Studies


Customers that had engaged with an ‘abandoned basket’ email had a higher propensity to convert.

Tests for different content and format were put in place to improve click through rate %.


click through rate


Customers diverted to online self serve travel booking management solution to reduce pressure on call centre (7% decrease in calls achieved). Upsell options such as excursions targeted during the post booking management process through platform.


incremental options sales


Online speciality retailer was seeing a large number of heavily browsed ranges where there was very light promotional activity.​

Re-focus of promotions around experience, occasion and needs of customers was undertaken.


incremental sales

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