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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Identify and evaluate opportunities to create new revenue streams and reach new markets from market testing through to building and operating highly scalable products.

Generate more revenue, increase share-of-wallet and enhance loyalty.

Empower your suppliers to compete more effectively.

Create a 'data moat' between you and your competitors, using proprietary data that is hard to replicate.

No additional burden placed on your in-house IT or analytics teams.

Our services in big data monetisation strategy guide our clients in leveraging their greatest asset: their data. We unlock insights that pave the way for tangible and measurable economic opportunities.

Many of our clients possess an extensive collection of market data. They realise this data holds the potential to craft new products and services, enhancing relationships with stakeholders, partners, suppliers, and customers. However, the struggle lies in harnessing this insight effectively. Many have developed proofs of concept illustrating the value of their data but stumble when it comes to delivering these insights in a cost-effective manner.


We empower our clients’ B2B entities in four pivotal ways to strengthen these relationships

Unique Market Insights

We develop distinctive market insight solutions, extending them directly to our clients' B2B partners.

Handle Extensive Market Data Sets

We manage vast, intricate market data sets, unattainable by conventional methods due to their scale and unstructured nature.

Offer Intuitive Customer Data Tools

We provide accessible, responsive data tools, enriched with the latest market data and featuring modern, app-style interfaces and mobile alerts.

Deliver Secure Cloud Solutions

We ensure secure, continually updated services from the cloud, equipped with scalable infrastructure and a global reach.

By focusing on these elements, we aid our clients in monetising their invaluable data, ultimately fostering enriched and mutually beneficial B2B relationships, all while maintaining simplicity and security.


At Beyond, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in formulating and executing data monetisation strategies, having collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned brands to harness their data in innovative ways.


We designed and implemented Market Intelligence products and services for Visa Europe, leveraging their comprehensive debit and credit card data.


This project allowed us to unearth unique and unparalleled insights into consumer and market behavior at highly granular location levels, providing a richer understanding of purchasing patterns and preferences.



Our team developed profiling and economic forecasting solutions for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


By delving into diverse economic indicators and customer profiles, we helped in fine-tuning their strategic planning and market responsiveness, reinforcing their position in a competitive market.


We constructed a travel market insights platform for Travelport, integrating global airline and hotel data.


This platform grants travel agents access to real-time insights into the global travel industry and consumer behaviors, enabling more informed decision-making and enhanced service provision.




For O2, we developed a footfall insights tool that harnessed mobile beacon data to monitor consumer movement in and around high streets.


This solution offers in-depth consumer movement analytics, empowering businesses with a clearer understanding of consumer habits and preferences in real-time.

Our collaborations with these global giants underscore our commitment to unlocking the potential of data, delivering solutions that not only drive value but also forge stronger, more insightful connections with consumers and markets. Our work in data monetisation exemplifies our innovative approach and our relentless pursuit to create unparalleled value for our clients.

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