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Develop the customer experience strategy to optimise the approach to customer engagement wherever they are in their journey with the brand.

Customer Data Strategy

Most businesses have a plethora of data on their customers, but are not using this asset effectively enough to generate important insights on how they could better engage with their customers to improve the overall customer experience strategy.


It is well acknowledged that nurturing a customer is more (cost) effective than trying to develop new relationships with prospects. When used more intuitively, customer data provides an unbeatable tool in customer relationship management; providing the business with more opportunities for strategic development and growth. 


Our customer data strategy implements a number of tactics, using a test and learn framework, to identify how best to improve customer engagement specific to their customer segments, customer preferences and considering where customers are in the journey with the brand. We enable our clients to get more out of their customer data and service their clients needs more appropriately with the effective use of data integration.

Map and understand customer behaviour to aid marketing tactics.

Shape your customer experience strategy and increase customer loyalty.

Unlock valuable customer insights with effective
data partnerships.

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Our Approach

Our approach to the customer engagement strategy uses data-driven insight to drive customer propositions to ensure our clients have more powerful and profitable engagements with their customers.


We focus on three core areas to ensure that the customer experience strategy helps our clients to understand and prioritise potential opportunities.


This follows a scoping initiative and requirements gathering, detailed customer analysis, a full data strategy roadmap and a complete test and learn campaign. 

Phase 1: Where are you now?

This foundational activity explores where you are now in relation to your customer engagement strategy, looking at historic successes and data from previous campaigns to identify any weaknesses from which we can develop.


Similar to our Capability Assessment this process considers and audits your data ‘as-is’ and uncovers any gaps, which may hinder the success of the strategy down the line.  It also provides us with an opportunity to model data for future analysis.

With the foundational review in place, we can design a high level initial customer data strategy, providing reports on customer data, segmentations and propensity models to explore current and potential future customer behaviour.  Where applicable, this also provides an opportunity to develop increased value using big data insights from data partnerships.

Phase 2: Where do you need to be – your vision?

Sharing client business priorities to align with the overall strategy.  With a greater understanding of where our clients want to be, we can ensure they get there. 


From increased brand awareness, to driving loyalty and advocacy across the brand, the customer engagement strategy should increase customer insight to drive growth and strategic opportunities.

With the businesses' priorities at the core of our objectives and solutions, we can deliver a robust strategic roadmap that is supported by tactical quick wins to drive efficiency gains rapidly. These ‘low-hanging’ fruit opportunities enable our clients to drive change quickly, while still delivering an overall long term plan for strategic success.​

Phase 3: What will we do to make it all happen?

Our test and learn framework is key to developing a successful customer engagement strategy. 


Using controlled campaigns we define the test and learn strategy to distinguish campaign effectiveness and the success of our big data models in driving customer engagement and experience. 


The ongoing use of the test and learn framework allows us to A/B test the best strategy to achieve improvements in customer behaviour, performance and track insights in relation to specific segments.  By continually evaluating the data we propose appropriate new initiatives to drive customer strategies that improve business performance. 

Improving Customer Experience

After implementing our customer data strategy, our clients are able to more confidently map out and understand their customers' behaviour. 


With valuable insights across the customer journey and the supplementary knowledge provided by data partnerships, our clients can understand and better predict behavioural changes including, for example, their customers’ propensity to churn, thus leaving them in a position to adapt their strategy and marketing tactics more effectively to react and prevent attrition or increase loyalty/advocacy. 

With more insights on their customers our clients are in a better position to develop the customer offering and ensure that the individual needs of the customers are met, an essential cornerstone in their data-driven strategies.  For more perspectives you might enjoy reading our Featured Insights, in particular our work on Customer Strategy and Data in the Travel Sector.

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