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Maximizing Revenue through AI: Informa's Transition to Data-Driven Sales Leads with Beyond

Keywords: Informa, B2B events company, audience intent, data monetization, demand qualified leads, Beyond, web scraping, context extraction, intent qualification, engagement qualification, AWS Comprehend, web traffic data, clustering, sales revenue increase.

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Informa, a leading B2B events company, specializes in connecting people with knowledge in Academic Markets and B2B Markets. They provide services such as smart events, live and on-demand experiences, specialist content and media, and digital lead generation services. Informa sought to monetize its data by developing a proprietary understanding of its audience’s marketplace intent to purchase or consume a product. The goal was to sell data-driven, demand qualified leads alongside marketing services to nurture those leads. They needed a framework for identifying audience intent and matching it to specific products or services.


Beyond was engaged to design a solution that consisted of three main parts: web scraping, context extraction, and intent/engagement qualification. A web scraper was developed to scrape all the media content on Informa’s websites. This data was cleaned up and processed through AWS Comprehend to extract key concepts covered in each article. The web traffic data, based on these concepts, was then aggregated and clustered by the intensity of engagement or intent. This clustering was enriched to attribute it to specific businesses.


The output of this solution feeds the provision of demand qualified leads. By leveraging this new proprietary capability, Informa's sales teams can provide 20 times the number of demand qualified leads to its customers. This eliminates the need to pay for third-party market intent indicators and has increased sales revenue within its lead provision service, adding an additional £140,000 during the pilot campaign.


Beyond's innovative solution empowers Informa to effectively identify audience intent, match it to relevant products or services, and monetize their data. This translates to increased sales opportunities, more efficient lead provision, and higher revenue.

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