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Navigating the Seas of Data: Maersk's Journey to Enhanced Customer Insights with Beyond's Freight Forwarder Model

Keywords: Maersk, ocean freight, inland logistics, go-to-market strategies, customer insight strategy, data integration, customer segmentation, actionable insights, digital adoption, product propensity, sales organization design, customer targeting, increased sales opportunities, customer satisfaction.

Cargo Ship at Port

Maersk, the world's largest ocean freight and inland logistics organization, found itself at a crossroads. As the company expanded into inland logistics and associated support services, it faced a significant shift in how it marketed and sold to customers, many of whom it historically knew little about. Maersk's challenges lay in redefining its go-to-market strategies for both its direct customers and the freight forwarder sector. The key was in developing a data product that could consolidate customer and transaction data from multiple operating systems to provide comprehensive insights into their customers' needs and preferences.


This is where Beyond entered the picture. We collaborated with Maersk to create a data-driven solution that now lies at the heart of their new customer insight strategy, the Freight Forwarder model. Our data integration brought together over 11,000,000 datapoints, synthesizing customer and transaction data from various operating systems. This helped generate insights into who Maersk's customers were and what they needed. We segmented over 26,000 individual customers across six geographic regions and all industry sectors into seven usable and meaningful clusters.


Our solution provided layers of defining behavioral and transactional characteristics for each client, including a 'digital adoption' model, which identified customers suitable for a self-serve booking and management solution. Our 'Product Propensity Model' revealed a customer's likelihood to engage with Maersk's logistics solutions. An overarching segmentation was also implemented to support internal change management and sales organization design.


By putting data to work and adopting a collaborative approach, our solution identified specific clients with a high propensity to buy, representing over $2.6 billion in gross profit for additional logistics services. Our tailored solution empowered Maersk to effectively address their go-to-market strategies, fostering deeper customer insights and driving targeted sales strategies. This translated into more efficient customer targeting, increased sales opportunities, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


At Beyond, we believe that data is more than just numbers - it's a powerful tool that can drive business growth and deliver tangible outcomes. Our partnership with Maersk transformed data into actionable insights and drove meaningful business outcomes.

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