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Optimizing Workforce Scheduling with AI-Powered Demand Forecasting for NHS Professionals

Keywords: NHS, flexible workforce solutions, supply and demand challenges, data-driven predictions, resource allocation, shift fill rate, cost savings, actionable insights, business outcomes.

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NHS Professionals (NHSP) is the premier provider of flexible workforce solutions to the NHS, serving a national and international membership base of around 180,000 healthcare professionals. These dedicated professionals work flexible shifts and longer-term placements across more than 50 NHS Trusts. However, the public health service in England faces tremendous stress, driven by increasing demand due to an ageing population and the lasting effects of Covid. This is compounded by supply issues resulting from Brexit-driven immigration policies and an overworked local workforce experiencing record-high attrition. The supply and demand challenge is further exacerbated by the high incremental cost of resorting to private agencies to fill short-notice shifts.


NHSP sought the expertise of Beyond to address the dual challenges of demand and supply forecasting. Collaborating with NHSP, we leveraged data-driven techniques to develop a Supply and Demand Model tailored for NHSP. This model provides forward predictions for up to 18 months, enabling NHSP to plan effectively and prepare to fill more shifts. Our solution enables NHSP to target bank members with shifts relevant to their skills and preferences, increasing the shift fill rate and optimizing resource allocation.


By putting data to work and adopting a collaborative approach, our Supply and Demand Model equipped NHSP with the insights and tools to plan ahead and fill more shifts internally, reducing the reliance on costly private agencies. Our tailored solution empowers NHSP to effectively address the demand and supply challenges facing the public health service in England. By maximizing the shift cover at short notice for NHS Trusts through NHSP, significant cost savings are achieved for both NHSP and the NHS. This translates to more efficient resource allocation, better patient care, and a reduction in the burden on taxpayers.


At Beyond, we believe that data is more than just numbers—it's a powerful tool that can drive business growth and deliver tangible outcomes. We are proud to have partnered with NHSP to transform data into actionable insights and drive meaningful business outcomes, contributing to a more efficient and effective public health service.

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