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Turning Data into Healthcare Insights: NHS Professionals' Evolution to a Data-Driven Organization with Beyond's AI and Reporting Services

Keywords: NHS Professionals, NHSP, flexible workforce solutions, Data Science, AI Modelling, Managed Service, data science solutions, Data, analytical services, governance.

Hospital Employees

NHS Professionals (NHSP) is the leading provider of flexible workforce solutions to the NHS in the UK. It boasts a vast membership of around 180,000 healthcare professionals, known as 'Bank Members', who work flexible shifts and longer-term placements at more than 50 NHS Trusts. Despite being a data-rich company with a long history in the market, NHSP faced challenges due to its explicit and complex reporting model, stemming from the adoption of various systems and data use phases over the years.


Beyond has partnered with NHSP for over two years, providing a range of services from strategic advice to establish the Data & Analytics (D&A) strategy and operating model to Data Science and AI modeling. They also provided a Managed Service team for reporting and Business Intelligence operations.


At the heart of this partnership is the NHSP data platform, which includes a completely redefined system architecture, curated data assets and capabilities, a redesigned reporting platform, and data science solutions. Beyond designed a new operating model for NHSP to control costs/budgets while delivering improved outcomes and fostering a cultural shift towards a more data-driven organization.


Supporting this change is 'BRICs' (Beyond Reporting and Insight Credits), a credit-based SLA system that provides a flexible, transparent, and value-driven way to effectively plan and prioritize budgets and investments in data and analytical services offered by Beyond. This approach has introduced structure and governance to NHSP's day-to-day operations, leading to a significant reduction in fire-fighting and freeing up time for value-adding initiatives that drive forward the talent agenda in the NHS.


As a result of Beyond's work with NHSP, service performance has improved significantly:


1. Faster Request Fulfillment: 73% of requests are now fulfilled within 7 days, a notable improvement in efficiency.

2. Improved BaU Request Fulfillment: Business as Usual (BaU) requests are now fulfilled 5.5 times faster, streamlining operations and enabling NHSP to respond more quickly to changing needs.


The partnership between NHSP and Beyond has helped the NHS optimize its data and analytics processes, resulting in a more efficient and effective organization. By adopting a data-driven culture, NHSP is better positioned to fulfill its mission of providing flexible workforce solutions to the NHS, ensuring that healthcare professionals can be deployed where and when they are needed most.

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