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Architectural Structure
Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Delivering Applied Intelligence and Governance solutions with expert support to enable clients to understand the application of RegTech solutions and support data-driven transformation above and beyond a traditional consultancy approach  

SME Consultancy

Underpinning the entire optimisation and remediation journey.  Supports the strategic direction of the business providing specialist advisory support to identify weaknesses and enable transformation.

Procedures Assessment

Assessing the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of business procedures and policies related to AML and compliance risk.

Monitoring Frameworks

Ongoing moderation and mitigation and support with the use of bespoke frameworks.

Data Visualisation & Reporting

Working with designers and data ops specialists to deliver actionable insights and reports using analytics applications and dashboards.


Our Governance & Applied Intelligence Solutions

Working with the world leaders in PEP and sanction screening and transaction monitoring system solutions, we apply our Governance and Applied Intelligence solutions to provide our clients with the qualitative support to the quantitative, technological solutions.  


For us the implementation of RegTech should be where experience meets science, leveraging the power of technology with specialist expertise, to support clients through the optimisation and remediation of their compliance risk and AML systems.

Begin your optimisation and remediation journey today by getting in touch with our experts for a AML Health Check.

SME Consultancy

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Our subject matter experts keep up to data with the latest regulatory changes across international jurisdictions, to ensure our observations and recommendations are in line with governance and best practice.  As specialist advisors in the field, we give our clients an increased level of assurance that their systems, process and models are efficient and effective and they feel supported should further, repeat action is required. As an independent third party we are able to provide discrete documentation, to be used in communication with the regulator, providing impartial and unbiased validation on the soundness and robustness of systems after our intervention. Our consultancy approach paired with applied intelligence from the experts in PEP, sanction and transaction monitoring, enables our clients to benchmark against peers, while delivering repeatable outcomes. Our gap analysis uncovers vulnerabilities and risks within the system against relevant regulation and industry best practise.  

Capability Assessment

Having the right, underlying procedures in place ensures greater effectiveness and efficiency with regards to AML and compliance risk systems, models and processes.  Our procedures capability assessment identifies any areas of weakness by assessing our client’s policies, standard operating procedures and instructions against relevant local, regional, and global regulation, as well as best market practice that we have identified during our broad experience to ensure compliance and effectiveness and efficiency. In case any shortcomings are identified, we ensure that the right restorative actions are put in place to guarantee best practise when assessing and dealing with financial crime risk.

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Monitoring Frameworks

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Our monitoring frameworks enable the ongoing support of a variety of aspects of AML and compliance risk, including but not limited to data quality, through the development of an auditable decision matrix that enable client self-evaluation.  By implementing our independent approved frameworks, our clients are able to quickly and continuously monitor their systems, models and processes to ensure complete compliance and mitigate risk, in the ever-evolving regulated environment.  With the pressures imposed by the regulator, our monitoring frameworks give our clients a greater level of assurance that they are able to repeatedly assess and their systems inline with best practice and governance.

Data Visualisation & Reporting

For our clients understanding the key insights and actions and delivering them into meaningful reports is essential. Working with our specialists and data operations experts, we are able to bring information to life and communicate this effectively to key stakeholders, which is essential for clients looking to create impact from investments in data and analytics. Data visualisation and reporting can be employed as a stand-alone service, working with our client's current frameworks to ensure that all of the insights generated are reported in a timely and easy to understand manner. Alternatively, this solution can be coupled with monitoring frameworks to get a full end-to-end solution that is in line with best market practice for monitoring and reporting on specific parts of your AML/compliance programme.

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Our Approach

Our approach is always solutions focused. We consider the core challenges that are affecting our clients end-to-end AML and compliance risk processes, and identify the most appropriate means of optimisation and remediation, in alignment with relevant regulation. For the entire optimisation and remediation journey, we support our clients to understand any areas of ineffectiveness and inefficiency within their models, systems and processes.


We provide tangible, auditable and repeatable solutions that are supported by grounded theory, applied intelligence and data science, which mitigate risk and assure our clients (and the regulator) that their systems are fit for intended purpose and are in a better state than before.


Consulting on the implementation process throughout the entire end-to-end optimisation and remediation journey, we help our clients to not only understand the benefits of our recommendations but also support in implementing these actions effectively to deliver the desired effectiveness and efficiency metrics and swiftly deliver systems, models and process that are left in a better position than prior to our engagement.

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