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Beyond Putting Data to Work Strapline


Beyond  AML Solutions is the world-class, independent, advisor of end-to-end AML and compliance risk systems and processes optimisation & remediation, risk management & mitigation and RegTech implementation.  
Utilising data science tools and the latest technologies we transform businesses globally through the data-driven remediation and optimisation of their end-to-end financial crime systems and processes.  ​

How can we help your business?

We help our clients to mitigate risk and deliver ongoing effectiveness and efficiency for their compliance risk models ensuring that their systems are fit for purpose in terms of regulation and output quality. 

We understand where things can go wrong in AML systems, helping our clients to uncover why these issues occur and providing robust solutions for how to resolve them, to optimise and enhance AML systems, models and processes, whilst minimising risk.​

With a sound understanding of the regulatory pressures and challenges facing the regulated industry, our financial crime risk management specialists help uncover faults in end-to-end compliance risk systems and remediate and optimise processes to mitigate risk.


We support our clients throughout the compliance process, to reduce false positives, drive effectiveness and improve efficiency, while ensuring we do not affect risk appetite.  We build insights into client and transaction activities and behaviours to ensure complete optimisation and remediation of compliance and risk programs, giving our clients more confidence in their systems.


We identify key areas for system, model and process improvements by building and continually optimising and remediating models for increased performance.  Our Applied Intelligence subject matter expertise enables our clients to understand the process and supports their communication with the regulator, mitigating this pressure.

We believe in data, but we’re thinkers first and data scientists second. As such we support your success by continually going beyond the analytics ensuring that our solutions can promote and sustain competitive advantage for you into the long term.

Review our case studies or read our white papers on Driving Efficiency in Sanctions Screening and The changing face of compliance risk management.

Our Services

Our anti-money laundering and compliance risk management experts, help support our clients across the breadth of end-to-end financial crime processes to ensure complete effectiveness and efficiency.


We provide tangible, auditable and repeatable solutions that are supported by grounded theory, applied intelligence and data science, which mitigate risk and assure our clients (and the regulator) that their systems are fit for intended purpose and are in a better state than before.

Drone flying

Using our advanced Machine Learning  techniques and frontier data science and analytics technologies and expertise, our Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Modelling services drive automation to the forefront of our clients solutions.  As experts in data driven transformation and RegTech implementation, we support our clients to meet and implement models within tight timeframes and benchmark against global standards to ensure best system performance. 


Using pattern recognition and behavioural analytics, our solutions identify trends and patterns in behaviours of customers that could lead to increased AML risk, ensuring we are able to bring increased due diligence and robustness to transaction monitoring and transaction screening alert prioritisation, sanctions and PEP screening, and customer risk profiling models.  


Our risk-based approach to Model Validation and Tuning ensures our clients fully understand the risks associated with their systems and meet their desired risk appetite or tolerance, to work towards a position of increased effectiveness and efficiency.  We quantitively challenge model design to identify and reduce noise and false positive alerts, without affecting true matches.


From tuning to working towards an independent model validation, we challenge model fitness for intended purpose with the same due diligence as credit risk and market risk models, to ensure our clients are left with solutions and systems that are in a better position to when they started. Implementing our synthetic data approach allows our clients to decrease time and resource, while still mitigating risk. These solutions can be applied to a variety of end-to-end AML and CTF models and by providing an auditable risk assessment report outlining our observations and recommendations, our clients have  confidence in our solutions to drive transformation and assure the regulator.

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The application of Applied Intelligence enables our clients to be supported across their transformation journey, taking a methodical, consulting approach to our advisory solutions.  Our Subject Matter Experts are equipped with the latest regulatory and compliance knowledge and keep abreast of the latest changes in governing requirements to ensure our solutions not only meet the needs of our clients, but meet the expectations of regulators and governing bodies across international jurisdictions.


We have the expertise in place to conduct procedures assessments and gap analysis to identify inefficiencies against relevant regulation and industry best practise across your AML and compliance programme, including but not limited to data quality, governance and model risk management. We understand the impact of regulatory pressure, and our independently generated reports can therefore be used in your regulatory communications.

Delivering Results

We support our clients wherever they are in their journey to become data-driven, from identifying the art of the possible to developing automated machine learning solutions and their ongoing support. Our Applied Intelligence services deliver tangible outcomes; reducing compliance and financial crime risk and delivering operational robustness.

Our approach starts with understanding areas of inefficiency and ineffectiveness across your end-to-end CTF systems and processes.  We identify opportunities for optimisation and remediation through the implementation of data-driven transformation.

Optimisation: Tuning to improve effectiveness and efficiency, reduce noise and increase return on investment.

Intelligent Rule Discovery
Solution Design & Development
Solution Validation
Optimisation Advisory

In-depth behavioural analysis of data sets and systems, builds insights into drivers and predictors of client and transaction activities and patterns of behaviour.

Design and development of new profiling and predictive solutions improves efficiency and effectiveness across existing AML processes.

Testing of new solutions over synthetic and historical data sources validates the effectiveness and efficiency of enhancements and justifies optimisation solutions. 

Facilitates and enables ongoing independent optimisation across all AML systems to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Remediation: Reduce exposure to financial crime risk, deliver time and cost savings and meet regulatory expectations.

Outputs Discovery

Supervised forensic data investigation of specific data outputs identifies all affected parts of the AML system and uncovers root cause of inefficiencies.

Design & Testing

Provides recommendations for the code changes required to fix the identified issues, with thorough data testing to prove design effectiveness.

Intelligent Reprocessing

Independent validated audit of historical data sets and systems affected, fulfils  compliance requirements across all AML systems and processes, using applied intelligence. 

Operational Enhancing

Reviews the impact and tuning of new methodology on false positives reducing noise and cost, improving reporting ratios and drives remediation.


Drive alert and detection logic errors, bringing targeted understanding of phenomena.
Scope and scale of issues scrutinised, reducing system errors through automation.
Rigorously test and validate solutions using real and synthetic data modelling techniques enhancing system robustness.
Identify and deliver opportunities for cost and time savings and improved resource efficiency by reducing manual implementation.
Optimise existing data usage to reduce overall risk and manage alert volumes driving system effectiveness and efficiency.
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